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American Chiropractic Association

Our Individualized Health Management  Programs give you the proper tools to regain your Body's Proper 

ACA Back Exercises

Chiropractic Exercises  condition the  spine and muscles of the back to decrease pain and increase strength and flexibility.

B.J. Palmer was Born in 1882 and known as the Developer of Chiropractic.

Proudly serving those who serve in the United States Military.

Alpha Tactical

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Dr. Kemner can help you develop an
 Individualized Wellness program and
provide instruction on proper

Doctors of Chiropractic believe that
prevention is the key to Health and wellness. 
Consult your Chiropractic
Physician prior to
 attempting any
of these exercises or
stretches and
before starting any new

Back Pain relief with a combination of 
Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and 
Rehabilitative Exercises.

The profession of Chiropractic
dates back
to 1895.  However, some of the
earliest healers
in the world understood
 the relationship
between Health and the
Integrity of the Spine
and were decades
ahead of today's Mind Body and
Spirit approaches to Health and Healing.

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