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Dr. Kemner Great Chiropractor

Before comming to Dr. Kemner's office I couldn't sleep more than a few hours a night because my hips were hurting I would constantly wake up and have to rollover every few hours to relieve the pain in both hips. For months this went on waking up in the morning tired already to start my day. One visit to Dr Kemner worked wonders no more constantly interrupted sleep I feel like myself again. I would have to say the little time and money I spent to visit Dr Kemner was completely rewarding. I feel like a new person and continue to get a good nights sleep no more hip pain. I would highly recommend him.

On a beautiful Saturday in Key West, my chronic back problem struck and I was barely able to move or walk. Although Dr. Kemner’s schedule was fully booked, he drove to my hotel and treated my back. He had me up and walking again in less time than I have ever recovered from this condition before. Thank you Dr. Kemner!!!

Dr. Kemner is very knowledgeable and great at helping you find relief. I walked in and could hardly move, he adjusted me and I instantly felt better. I will definitely be returning thanks so much Dr.  Kemner!
As a chiropractor, Dr. Kemner has never let me down. I highly recommend his professional services.
Rebecca Angel
Ophelia Bush Wow! Dr. Kevin Kemner is the best Chiropractor I've ever been to. Florida is lucky to have him!